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Incredible Online Marketing Trends (2022)

Online Marketing Trends

Incredible Online Marketing Trends (2022)

Keeping up with online marketing trends is a little bit tricky since the industry trends change relatively very fast. Successful digital marketing strategies or campaigns require marketers to adapt quickly to a marketing landscape that is constantly evolving with the times. 

What are some things that marketers need to be on the lookout for? With advancements in technology comes increased opportunities for engagement and personalisation. From the evolution of social channels, to updated trends for content, marketers need to do a little research before they can carry out effective social media marketing in Singapore. 

Hence, we have created this blog to bring all digital marketers at ease. Read on to find out what’s next for digital marketing in 2022.

Short, DIY Videos

After the emergence of TikTok, the definition of social media marketing in Singapore has significantly changed. From providing status updates, to dancing to catchy segments of music, short-form videos have been gaining much popularity. Besides TikTok, social media channels like Instagram and YouTube also enable the production of short-form videos. Instagram and YouTube Reels are some examples of short-form content. 

With accessible tools and features on social media platforms, it is easy to make a short-form video that engages and entertains. Encouraging users to join a fun challenge by creating short-form videos is one way that brands can create engagement and generate publicity. With short videos comes many opportunities for brands to become creative and interactive with their target audiences. Whether it is a reel about unpackaging a product, or user-generated content in the form of challenges, there are so many different ways that short-form videos can reach your target audience. Finding the right approach is key to creating content that generates buzz and positive reception to a brand. 


The Metaverse is a world of augmented reality, virtual reality, and 3D holographic avatars. It is a platform that allows people to work, play, or socialise. A web designing company in Singapore can leverage on this trend to enhance the overall website experience and improve user interface. 

Social Commerce

In 2021, retailers like Walmart and Saks experimented with social commerce on TikTok and Instagram which eliminated the distance between discovery and conversion. Social commerce not only promotes your products or services, it also allows people to make purchasing decisions. For example, on Instagram Shopping enables an entrepreneur to reach customers easily on the Instagram platform. The features on Instagram Shopping can help businesses to advertise their products conveniently. The platform itself leverages highly visual content to engage and capture the attention of audiences. 

A bonus to have on social commerce platforms are great visuals. Great visuals go a long way in grasping an audience’s attention. If you would like to have eye-catching photographs on your social media platform, you can engage with photography studios for catalogue and product shoots. Simply search on Google, ‘Photography Singapore’, and find a studio that suits your needs. Quality product photos attracting the right audience can lead to increased conversions and return on Investment (ROI). Paired with effective features that social media platforms offer, your social media marketing will stand out from your competitors. 


In 2022, personalisation is going to be key to attracting your audience. Instead of using catch-all content, creating a particular advertisement catering to your audience’s needs will generate more measurable results. For example, the copy for the same advertisement can be changed when targeted at a different audience demographic. Likewise, the visuals for the advertisement can also be tweaked to suit the taste and preferences of different audience segments, even though all the ads fall into one campaign. Content personalisation is important in drawing the right crowds to purchase your goods or services. 

Besides customising content, advertisements also need to be shown to your target audience at the right time and place. This way, you will be able to get more attention from your target customers. For example, students might scroll through social media during after school hours, while working adults might check their phones at night after work. Having a different set of adverts catering to an audience’s behavioural traits would help in optimising the reach of your ads. 

Taking the time to learn about your target audience helps you to create more personalised ads for them. What are their needs and wants? What kind of graphics appeal to them? Market segmentation is key to attracting the right audience and tailoring your ads according to their needs. Knowing the demographics, behavioural traits, and psychographic traits of your target audience will set you on the path to success. 

Memphis Design

Memphis design is considered a striking style that includes bright colours, bold patterns, and different shapes. A knowledgeable web designing company in Singapore will be familiar with this graphic design. This graphic design is fun and playful, suitable for creative agencies that are looking at showing a more youthful personality in their brand image. Unconventionally less corporate-looking, Memphis design is trending these days in the world of marketing. 

These are some of the online marketing trends that marketers can take note of. Keeping up with these trends can help you to stay competitive, while growing and securing tremendous loyalty. 2022 is a year of technological advancements, marketing tools, and forward-thinking strategy. It is an exciting year for marketers. All we need to do is to focus on adapting with the times, stay flexible to changing trends, and stay open to a changing market. Leveraging on the latest trends for marketing helps with creating marketing content that is current and relatable to the masses. 

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