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What is Your Ideal Corporate Photoshoot?

Corporate Photoshoot

What is Your Ideal Corporate Photoshoot?

There usually comes a time where businesses and individuals decide to revamp their branding. This is usually done through a corporate photoshoot that can help to bring out a more professional image either from the company or its employees. A corporate photo is essential in any company — it helps provide credibility to profiles and leaves a good impression on clients, partners, and the general public. No matter where your corporate photos will be displayed, may it be on your Email signature, LinkedIn profile, press release, to news features,  such images may help tremendously in strengthening your company’s branding.

Before you go for a corporate shoot or engage with a photography studio, it is always good to stay informed and prepared. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you to come prepared and aware of what you are looking for in a professional photoshoot. 

What Image do you Want to Portray in Your Picture? 

Having a corporate photo in line with your company’s branding helps to boost brand visibility and reinforce a strong brand image for your company. Before planning a company photoshoot, it is important to consider how the company’s employees should represent the company’s branding. 

For industries that require employees to portray a more serious image, photoshoots should have experienced photographers that can bring out the image of the company. For example, in finance or insurance industries, photoshoots should help employees look professional and reliable. This helps with conveying brand values that the company might embrace, such as values of credibility, accountability, and trustworthiness in the workers of the company. If companies are in the creative industry, they might want to give off a sophisticated yet stylistic vibe if that is the image that they are going for. Portraying the proper image in a corporate shoot is crucial in helping employees represent their company better. As you prepare for the next corporate shoot, it would be helpful to understand your company’s branding and convey that to your photographer. 

While considering the brand image of the company, you can also consider the location that you would like to have the corporate shoot. From the office to the photographer’s studio, to a grassy spot with a nice backdrop of your office building behind, finding the right location for your corporate photoshoot will also help with bringing out the company’s branding. 

Research on Corporate Photos and Poses

From headshots, to angles, to camera orientation, you can research what kind of corporate photographs look good for your company and suggest to your photographer to reference a certain photography style from a portfolio that already exists. While planning for a corporate photoshoot, sharing ideas with the photographer can give him or her an idea of how photos taken should be standardised across the company. 

While researching on corporate photographs, a good idea would be to create a moodboard on the kind of corporate photoshoot you would like to have, drawing inspiration from existing pictures, corporate photos, even pictures with your brand’s corporate colors in them. This can help you to determine the kind of style and approach you would want in a corporate photo, the photoshoot concept, and the brand image that you want to portray. 

Individuals that are camera–shy may find it challenging to take corporate photoshoots. Hence, it is ideal to prepare for the special day by practising to pose for the camera at home. Researching on a few poses and referencing good photoshoots will help you to visualise how your photo is going to be like and how you want it to be. You can also stand in front of a mirror while practising to smile and pose. Growing comfortable with yourself is the first step to a confident-looking corporate photo. Practice makes perfect! 

Dressing Up

While preparing for a corporate photoshoot, you can start planning on what you are going to wear for the session. Generally, solid shades work best to convey a professional image to clients and prospective clients. These colours give off a clean look and rest easy on the eye. Formal wear is always the safest option. You can also ensure that your clothes are properly ironed or dry cleaned on the day before the photoshoot session. This helps with reducing the chances that your clothes would look wrinkled in the final picture. Wearing appropriate accessories is also a plus. Small statement pieces like watches, necklaces or earrings can help to give character to individual shots. At the same time, remember not to over-accessorise. Wearing too much jewelry might take the attention away from you. 

Consulting Your Photographer

As you research and prepare for your corporate photoshoot, it is important to constantly consult your photographer on the best tips to come prepared as well. Communication is key when you have a specific vision in mind for a corporate photoshoot and wish to convey it to your photographer. Having an open mind and listening to the recommendations of your photographer also helps with collaborating to come up with quality, presentable, and satisfying photos that you can be proud of showing to your colleagues, clients, and key industry people. Consult your photographer on the feasibility of your ideas and bounce off creative ideas with each other. 

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