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Which Social Media Platform Works Best For Your Business?


Which Social Media Platform Works Best For Your Business?

Today’s Social Media face is nowhere near how we used to know it. It has progressively transformed from being an avenue to share funny posts and cute photos to a stage for businesses, both big and small to ramp up their sales, elevate overall customer experience, and cast their net wider. 

It has accelerated itself to become an essential part of every business that aims to grow bigger and reach more potential clients.

Different social media platforms have even updated its interface to provide specific areas designated for businesses to either put up advertisements  or actual post actual products – Facebook Ads, Facebook Marketplace, Instagram Shop.

Let us look at which social media platform prove the most effective in growing your business.


Facebook is undeniably one of the best overall platforms to use for a business. With over a billion users, it has exponential reach in terms of target audience and the ability to market a product. It is easy to use and has an unattainable grasp even on users who are not the most tech savvy like the older generation. Facebook is a great interaction tool and serves as a brilliant business platform to create leads that generates into sales conversions.


Instagram is considered one of the top performing social platforms that big name brands and business owners can showcase their products and services. In 2010, Instagram made its way to become one of the most memorable and used social platforms. According to the WebsiteBuilder blog, A total of 60% of Instagram users who go into the platform look for new products making it an attractive platform for brands to use to advertise their products of tap on influencers for paid advertisements and collaborations.

Instagram shows its users the products they provide visually. This has created a whole breed of influencers or Social Media content creators who are now capable of tapping into the social media feeds of millions of ‘followers’ which gives them the chance to market a product or brand with a single picture or Instagram story.


Twitter has given many celebrities, politicians, and everyone else logged into the platform a chance to speak to “tweet”. Marketing products or services on Twitter lies within the content being made, the content being distributed that appeals to businesses’ target demographic, and other prospective customers on the platform. it can also lead to an increase in followers, leads, and also boost sales conversions which further improves brand recognition!

With over 190 million daily active users on Twitter, businesses have an opportunity to have their products or services marketed with new audiences that can possibly boost sales. Tips on marketing on Twitter always includes using hashtags or assisting customers directly on Direct Messages.  


LinkedIn is the one social media platform that was actually created with professionals in mind. It is a great networking tool and connects you to various industries, diversifying your contacts. It allows you to share content and reach out to professionals as well as generate leads, simultaneously. It is also a great platform to keep up to date by following companies and business leaders that interest you.


YouTube is the ultimate platform for sharing video-related content. More than Facebook or Instagram, it boasts over 2 billion subscribers and counting. Content can range anywhere from entertainment to self-help tutorials which is why it makes it is such a fantastic business marketing tool. Influencers use YouTube to endorse products which allows companies to advertise their products with influencers or even create advertisements for monetised videos.

One can create a channel with video content without the hefty costs of a video production company if they own a smartphone with decent camera features. This allows you to connect and grow one’s viewership as well as market the business’ product or service.


Reddit is a social media platform that is slightly different from the rest in terms of utilising it as a business tool. While you may get ousted from a group for directly marketing your product, it can be a very handy tool to do market research.

The gist of Reddit is solely learning from its online platform rather than shoving a product down a group’s throat. So, if business owners can wait patiently to build some credibility with their profiles, there is a lot to gain by way of gathering feedback and asking questions which are crucial to any business.


Pinterest is not a one-size-fits-all platform, considering that it does focus on photographs with very little text content. Users of the platform mainly use it for purchase inspiration. Businesses can use Pinterest as a way to drive traffic to their business however it might not work the same for, let’s say, a bug spray product which is not as visually appealing. And with 291 million active users, the numbers are not something to be scoffed at.


Last but not least, is Quora. While it might not be the most straightforward social media platform to market your business, it is a great way to answer questions relating to your business while slyly slipping in a link. Similar to Reddit, it also assesses the authenticity of your account and will block you from a particular group if they feel you are shamelessly marketing your product. However, if you are consistently involved and do it right, you can be assured that it will drive traffic to your business website.

Social Media Helps Businesses

Businesses should pick a social media platform to boost sales, drive traffic, and benefit their business overall. In fact, pick a couple that you see fit which ties into your brand to really cover all your bases and reach out to the right type of clientele.

By promoting your brand regularly and sharing content frequently, viewers might eventually get on board and may want to see what you’re all about – potentially converting online viewers to paying customers.

Another way social media is helping businesses is by connecting to customers on a more personal level and bringing in repeat customers. When consumers start to see your content frequently enough, they tend to feel a sense of familiarity with your product which makes them more prone to purchasing. In the same way, personalise your content so that whoever is out there watching, can relate on a much more intimate level.

Even though you might be doing your due diligence in churning out content for your business, none of that really matters if you are not garnering likes, shares, or comments. Be sure to boost your SEO by driving traffic to your website!

Take the opportunity to grow your mailing list and turn traffic into leads by generating revenue for example from email campaigns.

So, pick the best, or several, social media platforms for your business and start the conversion from leads to sales almost immediately!

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